Fujioh is a Fuji Industrial subsidiary that provides housing equipment to Asia and other world markets. It follows the design philosophy originally developed by Fuji Industrial in Japan.
FIT uses Japanese design approaches to provide products replicas de relojes designed to meet user needs.For cooker hoods, these needs include efficient rectifier panel intake, carefully designed oil recovery channels, and noise reduction.
The company also has a lineup of gas hobs, ovens and related products. It is working to help enrich the lives of customers by providing a comprehensive lineup of kitchen equipment.

  • PresidentSiow Simon
  • EstablishedSeptember, 1993
  • Main business areasSales of housing equipment


Fuji Industrial is a Japanese company with a history dating as far back as 1941.
Our cooker hoods and other housing equipment have established a solid reputation in Japan, a market known for having quality needs that are consistently demanding. We have a leading share of the Japanese household cooker hood market.
Our cooker hoods are the result of ceaseless development work in areas such as rectifier panel air collection efficiency, energy efficiency, fan structure innovation, and noise reduction measures. Fuji Industrial supplies products to most major housing equipment companies in Japan.

Our ARIAFINA brand has earned a solid reputation in Japan as a premium name in cooker hoods. It was established as a Fuji Industrial Group member by teaming with Elica Corporation, a provider of high-end Italian-design cooker hoods to markets around the world.
We are also active in developing products designed to meet a wide range of customer needs, creating brands such as AirPRO (products for the housing renovation market) and innoinno (innovative products for improving air environments).

  • PresidentKosuke Kashimura
  • EstablishedDecember, 1941
  • Capital300 million yen (Japan-based entities only)
  • Main business areasManufacture and sales of housing equipment
  • Number of Employees859
  • Headquarters address2-1-9 Fuchinobe, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan 252-0206
  • Main ClientsTOTO, Lixil, Rinnai, Cleanup, Panasonic, Ikea Japan, Toclas Corporation, Tokyo Gas, Nasluck, Housetec, Wood One, Eidai


  • 1941Japan Mica Industrial Co., Ltd founded in Kawasaki City.
  • 1947Company renamed to FUJI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD
  • 1973Cooker hood production started.
  • 1991Rectifier panel cooker hood is released.
  • 1993FUJIOH International Trading Pte Ltd founded in Singapore.
  • 1995Sagamihara factory obtained ISO-9000 series.
  • 1996Shirakawa factory obtained ISO-9000 series.
  • 2002Araifina founded with Elica S.p.A.
    Sagamihara and Shirakawa factory obtained ISO-14001.
  • 2003CFDR wins prestigious Japanese Good Design Award.
    ARIAFINA Simona wins Good Design Award.
  • 2004ARIAFINA Orizzonte wins Good Design Award.
    Kanki Light dining room light with added air ventilation function is released under innoinno brand.
    innoinno-branded “Lightflyer” wins Good Design Award.
  • 201170th Anniversary Celebration of Fuji industrial Group.
    FUJIOH Trading Shanghai founded
  • 201320th Anniversary Celebration of FUJIOH International Trading Pte Ltd Singapore.
  • 2016innoinno-branded “Cookiray” light with air cleaning function wins Red Dot/IF Awards in Germany and Good Design Award in Japan.