FUJIOH gas hobs are furnished with practical yet stylish features like heat deflectors and rust-resistant aluminium venturi. To top it off, these gas hobs have a sleek stainless steel or black glass surface that instantly transforms a bland kitchen into a modern cooking paradise. You also have the option of two or three burners, depending on how much you cook. Take your pick from our product range. You’re spoilt for choices.

Choosing the Right Gas Hob for Your Kitchen

FUJIOH gas cooker hobs are designed for cooking your way to deliver an incomparable cooking experience. These kitchen appliances combine style and function so you can enjoy every cooking adventure, whether you’re experimenting or preparing your comfort food. FUJIOH Brunei features a wide selection of gas hobs. You can narrow down your choices by considering these factors:
    • Burners: How often do you cook? Are two burners enough or do you need three?
    • Dimensions: How much space do you have for a gas hob? Will it fit in your kitchen?
    • Finish: What’s your kitchen design? Would stainless steel look better? Or black glass?
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