*Always wear gloves while cleaning.


Japanese innovations that bring ease of cleaning to the next notch in our Made in Japan cooker hoods.

01. Super Kirei Coating
Super Kirei Fan

SUPER KIREI COATING repels oil to allow minimal oil sticking to the metal surface. This reduces the accumulation of oil and stain build-up on the fan (in FR-SC20 cooker hood), prolonging the life span of the fan.

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Aqua Slit Disk
Aqua Slit Filter
Oil Repellent Oil Tray

HYDROPHILIC COATING has a high compatibility with water, resulting in easy removal of oil from the coated surface when washed with water. Coated with HYDROPHILIC COATING, FUJIOH's Oil Smasher spinning disk and oil tray (in FR-CL1890) and Aqua Slit Filter (in other FUJIOH cooker hoods) are so easily washed with only water.

03. Oil Repellent Coating
Oil Repellent Exterior Hood

Special OIL REPELLENT COATING on the exterior hood surface repels oil and does not allow oil to stick on the surface. Simply by using a damp cloth, oil is easily wiped off the exterior hood surface, minimizing both time and effort to have a clean hood after every use. All FUJIOH's Made in Japan cooker hoods are crafted with OIL REPELLENT COATING on the exterior surface for higher ease of maintenance.

In addition, the exterior of FUJIOH's Made in Japan cooker hoods are designed with smooth groove without any gap or slit. These smooth surfaces are easy to wipe in all directions, making cleaning a breeze.