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November 20, 2023
4 best features of fujioh’s slim cooker hood

Slim Cooker Hood

Featured product: FUJIOH 900MM Slim Cooker Hood FR-FS2390

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal or freshly baked goods straight from your kitchen. But cooking and baking often emit smoke, steam, grease splatters, and strong odours that linger around your home. No one wants that to happen, which is why having a cooker hood can make a world of difference in removing smoke, grease, fumes, and odour from your kitchen.

Installing a cooker hood drastically improves the air quality in your kitchen with its ventilation. No longer will you have to worry about the lingering odour or smoke in your home. Furthermore, cooker hoods come in various looks and designs that can match your kitchen.

FUJIOH’s slim cooker hood is sleek and modern in design yet provides good ventilation for your kitchen. But how does it compare to the typical cooker hood? If you’re wondering about getting FUJIOH’s slim cooker hood, read more to learn the four best features of its slim cooker hood.

What is a Slim Cooker Hood?

FUJIOH 900MM Super Slim Cooker Hood FR-MS2390

Featured product: FUJIOH 900MM Super Slim Cooker Hood FR-MS2390

A slim cooker hood has a more modern and sleek appearance than the standard chimney cooker hoods with a tall chimney section. Instead of needing a bare wall behind the kitchen range to install the cooker hood, a slim cooker hood can be installed underneath an existing cabinet. 

As the slim cooker hood is compact in shape, it is a great space-saving solution for those with smaller kitchens with limited space. It still does its job ventilating or recirculating air for better air quality. It is also easy to clean thanks to its smaller body compared to the chimney and inclined cooker hood.


Unlike the chimney or slanted cooker hoods, the slim cooker hood does not adopt the T-shape body design. It is flat and easily installed under an existing cabinet over your kitchen range. A slim cooker hood is the best option for those with smaller kitchens or looking for a cost-effective alternative.

Slim Cooker Hood FR-MS2390

Featured product: FUJIOH 900MM Super Slim Cooker Hood FR-MS2390


The slim cooker hood reflects its name. It’s slim in design, giving your kitchen a sleek and minimalist look. Not only that, it also comes in various colours to match the aesthetics of your kitchen. For instance, FUJIOH’s 900MM Slim Cooker Hood has three colour variations: black, stainless steel and white.

Features Worth Noting (Slim Hood)

Given the vast options of cooker hoods, what makes the FUJIOH slim cooker hood stand out more than the rest? Other than being a cost-efficient alternative due to its smaller build, the FUJIOH slim cooker hood also has features that set it apart from other cooker hoods.

Aqua Slit Filter

FUJIOH Aqua Slit Filter

Featured product: FUJIOH Aqua Slit Filter

FUJIOH’s slim cooker hood is easy to clean thanks to its Aqua slit Filter. It features a hydrophilic coating that makes cleaning the filters much easier using only water. With its Aqua slit filter, you no longer need to worry about cleaning grease off your filters. All you need is water to clean it off.

Rectifier Panel

Despite its slim design, this hood incorporates a rectifier panel that boosts suction speed. But how does it work? The panel offers adjustable suction from the bottom and enhances suction power from the upper, left, and right sides, resulting in significantly improved efficiency in capturing fumes. With the rectifier panel, the cooker hood remains in optimum condition for an extended period, delivering consistent high performance.

Gesture Control

FUJIOH FR-MS2390 Gesture Control

Featured product: FUJIOH FR-MS2390 Gesture Control

FUJIOH’s FR-MS2390 slim cooker hood also features gesture control that enables users to operate the hood using hand gestures, eliminating the need for physical touch. By waving a hand, users can effortlessly activate or deactivate the hood, adjust fan speeds, and set a timer. This hands-free functionality not only adds a touch of modernity to the kitchen but also offers practical benefits. Users can maintain a cleaner environment while cooking, as they don’t need to handle buttons or switches with greasy hands.


The timer feature in FUJIOH’s slim cooker hood is also worth pointing out. By setting the timer, users can ensure that the cooker hood operates for a specified duration of 3 minutes before automatically turning off. This feature ensures optimal ventilation without the risk of energy waste due to unintentional prolonged use, offering a convenient and efficient solution for managing the kitchen environment, especially after the cooking process.

Looking for a suitable slim hood for your home? Visit FUJIOH Malaysia today!

Now that you’ve learned the four best features of a slim cooker hood, look no further and visit FUJIOH for the best slim hoods for your home. If you require more information on slim cooker hoods, contact us at FUJIOH Malaysia or email