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June 5, 2023
cleaning your gas cooking hob: a step-by-step guide

FUJIOH Gas Hob with Sectional Flame Control FH-GS6530

Featured product: FUJIOH Gas Hob with Sectional Flame Control FH-GS6530

Do you ever walk into your kitchen, eager to whip up a hearty meal on your gas hob, but seeing as it is coated in grease, grime, and food debris, you become less enthusiastic about cooking?

As much as you love cooking, cleaning the gas hob is rarely an enjoyable experience, as it requires you to carve out some of your time to clean it thoroughly. But if you don’t clean the gas hob, not only will it make your kitchen look unsightly, but it also poses some safety hazards.

Cleaning your gas hob might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to clean your gas cooking hob safely and effectively so it’s back to functioning as well as new.

Importance of Cleaning Your Cooking Hob

Dirt and grime can accumulate on your gas hob, leading to potential health and performance issues. By cleaning and maintaining your cooking hob regularly and efficiently, it can help you to:

Prevent Foodborne Diseases

A dirty gas hob can be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria, fungi, and bugs that can spread disease, posing a severe health risk to you and your family. This is because these tiny organisms prefer warm settings such as kitchens. Keeping your gas hob clean can keep them at bay.

Sustain Peak Performance of Gas Hob

Did you know that a dirty gas hob can hinder the performance of your cooking hob, impacting its lifespan over time? A dirty gas hob can block or partially obstruct burner ports, leading to uneven flame distribution and impeding the efficient flow of gas.

Decreases Your Workload

We all know how it feels to put off cleaning your gas hob for a later date or when you’re feeling more up to it. But the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to clean the grease, grime, and debris from your gas hob. Cleaning your cooking hob regularly can help decrease your workload.

How to Clean Your Gas Cooking Hob in 5 Steps

A clean gas hob is crucial for the reasons we listed above. Hence, it needs to be done to keep your kitchen hygienic and the germs at bay while reducing the risk of fire. Here are five steps to clean your gas hob:

1. Check the Manual for Cleaning Instructions

Understanding the kind of care recommended for your gas hob can go a long way in protecting your investment. Most gas hobs come with a manual with cleaning instructions. As such, it will make the cleaning process easier and less time-consuming.

2. Prep Your Cleaning Supplies

Once you have read the cleaning instructions, you can prepare your cleaning supplies, which may already be in your home. You may need mild dish soap, vinegar, baking soda, rubber gloves, an old toothbrush, a soft cloth, and a non-abrasive scrub pad. Be sure to check the manual for a thorough preparation.

3. Remove the Burners and Pan Support

As you already know, there are certain components of the gas hob that can be conveniently removed for cleaning, and the Fujioh FH-GS65 gas hob is one of them. The grates, burners and pan support of this gas hob are specifically designed to be removable, allowing for easier cleaning and maintenance.

4. Scrub Away the Build-Up

Once you remove the components of the gas hob, soak them in warm soapy water to effectively loosen any grease and food residue. Use a cotton bud or toothbrush to carefully remove any dust and carbon buildup, making sure to avoid abrasive cleaning supplies that could potentially damage the components. Once they are thoroughly dry, reassemble all the components back onto the hob.

5. Wipe the Surfaces

Cleaning the surface of your gas hob is one step to maintaining its finish and durability. For stainless steel and toughened glass surfaces, rinse the surface with water and dry it with a soft and clean cloth. We recommend cleaning up the spills as soon as possible and drying them thoroughly to prevent staining.

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