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April 13, 2023
fujioh oil smasher technology: how it helps with ventilation

FUJIOH Oil Smasher Cooker Hood FR-CL1890

Featured product: FUJIOH Oil Smasher Cooker Hood FR-CL1890

Having a cooker hood in your kitchen helps to keep your kitchen air clean and well-ventilated during the cooking process. That said, a cooker hood can have a range of technologies embedded in them based on the manufacturer’s technological advancement.

But only a few homeowners know the technology involved in their cooker hood, leading us to pose these questions: How well do you know about the technology inside your cooker hood? Do you understand how it works or how it helps to ventilate your kitchen?

Therefore, we would like to introduce you with FUJIOH’s patented Oil Smasher technology. If you’re among the many who want to know more about this technology, we’re here to enlighten you with all there is to know about it.

What happens during the cooking process?

It’s common for Malaysian households to cook their food with oil. While it can add delicious flavour and texture to the food, the cooking process can cause oil to be released into the air, affecting the house environment in several ways.

When oil is heated, it will undergo oxidation, releasing harmful compounds such as aldehydes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) into the air during cooking. These can linger in the indoor environment, especially in poorly ventilated spaces.

Breathing in these compounds can cause health problems such as respiratory irritation, headaches, and even long-term effects like cancer. Plus, the release of oil into the air can also leave a sticky residue on surfaces in the kitchen and surrounding areas.

Fortunately, you can minimise the release of oil into the air during cooking with proper cooking techniques and equipment. For instance, you can put a lid on a frying pan to keep oil from splattering.

You’ll also need to ensure that your kitchen is well-ventilated to maintain a healthy environment while you’re cooking. Installing a cooker hood with FUJIOH’s Oil Smasher technology can help remove oil and other pollutants from the air.

What is FUJIOH Oil Smasher Technology?

FUJIOH Oil Smasher Technology in FR-CL1890

FUJIOH Oil Smasher Technology in FR-CL1890

Exclusively available in FUJIOH’s FR-CL1890 cooker hood, the patented Oil Smasher technology uses a high-speed spinning disk to capture most of the oil in the oil fumes. The oil is then spun off by the centrifugal force and collected on the oil tray to prevent build-up.

Not only does this technology help to boost a high capturing ratio of up to 94% (recycling type cooker hood), but it also prevents oil and dust from entering the fan, keeping the internal parts of the cooker hood clean while prolonging the lifespan of the cooker hood.

How does it help with kitchen ventilation?

Cooker hoods are designed to ventilate your kitchen, reducing unpleasant odours and smoke, thereby improving air quality. They are often fitted above your cooking hob to ensure optimum absorption of cooking fumes.

The integration of FUJIOH’s Oil Smasher technology in the FR-CL1890 cooker hood enhances the absorption of cooking fumes to prevent oil and dust from building up in the fan.

At the same time, it minimises the need for regular cleaning and maintenance. This is proven by an oil stain adhesion test conducted by FUJIOH. It was conducted using FUJIOH’s cooker hood with Oil Smasher and another cooker hood without the technology.

Oil Stain Adhesion Test Result

During the test period, the Oil Smasher’s spinning disk and oil tray were cleaned once every three months, while the filter of another cooker hood was cleaned once a month. The results revealed that the technology prevents oil and dust from entering the fan, keeping the internal fan clean.

Meet FUJIOH’s Oil Smasher Cooker Hood FR-CL1890

Oil Smasher Cooker Hood FR-CL1890

hood has a sleek design, perfect for modern design homes. It features FUJIOH’s patented Oil Smasher technology, which guarantees to keep oils out of the spinning disk.

It also comes with a cleaning reminder feature to remind you when it’s time to clean, so you’ll never forget. You also need to clean the lamp lights according to the total running time of the cooker hood.

The oil-repellent exterior hood makes cleaning much easier as the material repels oil and lifts it from the surface. This means spending less time and effort on cleaning and, perhaps, more time on preparing and cooking a delicious spread of meals for the family.

Looking for a cooker hood that’s easy to clean? Visit FUJIOH Malaysia today!

Cleaning can sometimes be a time-consuming affair. But, with advancing technologies in kitchen appliances, cleaning is no longer a concern. With FUJIOH’s cooker hood, you get to spend more time cooking than cleaning. If you require more information on our cooker hoods, visit our website or email