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November 30, 2021
little known facts about gas hobs

Little Known Facts About Gas Hobs

Featured product: FUJIOH Gas Hob FH-GS7030 SVGL


When it comes to the kitchen, it’s not complete without a gas hobs – it’s the very essence of your kitchen and it has to be the right one for you. With a wide range of cooking hobs available in the market, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices.

That said, gas hobs have been the de facto choice for many households in Malaysia even though technology has brought us sleek induction hobs, which are said to be more heat efficient and easier to maintain. Let’s discover what makes gas hobs the preferred cooktop today and the pros and cons of having one in your kitchen.


How does a gas hob work?

Gas hobs are straightforward. The gas flows through the supply pipe to the burner, where a spark ignites it. This flame then heats up both the pan and the air around it, easily cooking the food.


Gas Hob GS6530 SVGL
Featured product: FUJIOH Gas Hob FH-GS6530 SVGL


What are the pros and cons of gas hobs?

Gas hobs have long been the standard in professional kitchens for various reasons. Let’s take a look at the following pros and cons:



  • Instant control of the flame
    When you turn the knob on a gas hob to ignite the flame, you get instant heat with optimum temperature control. With that, you can control the flame with a turn of the knob. If you need your food to simmer, you can use a smaller-sized burner on the gas hob to reduce the usage of gas.


  • Easy to use and affordable
    To ignite the gas on your gas hob, you can either rely on the built-in ignition by turning the knob or use a kitchen lighter. With a gas hob, you won’t have to worry about a power outage because the ignition is battery-powered. Also, cooking on your gas hob is much cheaper than electricity-powered hobs (induction).


  • Suitable for any type of cookware
    Unlike induction hobs that require specific types of cookware, gas hobs are suitable for any type of cookware, including glass and steel cookware. In addition, some built-in gas hobs come with a wok/pan support, allowing you to add that “wok hei” to some of your cooking.


Gas Hob GS70
Featured product: FUJIOH Gas Hob FH-GS7030 SVGL



  • Need to prepare extra gas cylinder
    Gas hobs generally rely on gas supply to produce your cooking flame. As such, you will need to prepare an extra gas cylinder or place order for one when you run out of gas. It could happen while you’re halfway cooking. Consequently, this can be a hassle for heavy cooking as you always need to check on the gas balance level.


  • Hassle to clean
    While built-in gas hobs may be easy to use, they can be a hassle to clean, especially the gas burners and wok/pan supports. You will need to take them apart and try to clean every nook and cranny of your gas hob.


  • Unsafe compared to electric hobs
    Gas hobs are generally unsafe to use when compared to electric hobs as the latter can be switched off immediately. Hence, you will need a better control of the gas hob while your food is cooking. More so if you’re cooking liquids as they can boil over and spill out on high heat. Thus, you will to pay extra attention if you have children at home.


Gas Hob GS2030 SVGL

Featured product: FUJIOH Gas Hob FH-GS2030 SVGL


With these pros and cons in mind, you can narrow your search for a built-in gas hob that has a sleek design and incorporates energy efficiency. Here are some factors that you should consider when you’re looking for a built-in gas hob for your kitchen:


  1. Number of gas burner – Choose between the 2 and 3 burners if you’re an avid cook.
  2. Toughened glass or stainless steel gas hob – These surfaces are more robust and durable than ordinary glass top, and offer a more modern appearance.
  3. Safety features – Burners that are equipped with features such as flame failure safety device and heat deflector can help to prevent unwanted mishaps from happening.
  4. Hob replacement – It is good if the hob replacement are flexible cut-out sizes which means that it just fits into the existing holes.


Gas Hob GS6530 SVSS
Featured product: FUJIOH Gas Hob FH-GS6530 SVSS

Mostly of Fujioh gas hobs are came with these necessary points!

Check out FUJIOH’s range of gas hobs by getting in touch with us at FUJIOH Malaysia or email