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July 14, 2023
perks of using a 2-in-1 built-in hybrid hob

FUJIOH Hybrid Hob with Induction and Ceramic Zones

Featured product: FUJIOH Hybrid Hob with Induction and Ceramic Zones FH-IC7020

As the most important hub of every home, your kitchen deserves an appliance that will simplify your cooking tasks and elevate your overall experience. Check out the game-changing 2-in-1 built-in hybrid hob, a true game-changer in cooking technology.

Blending the best of induction and ceramic cooking, this innovative hob offers a host of perks that cater to the needs of modern households. In this article, we explore the benefits of using a 2-in-1 built-in hybrid hob and how it can elevate your culinary experience.

What is a Hybrid Hob?

FUJIOH Hybrid Hob

Featured product: FUJIOH Hybrid Hob with Induction and Ceramic Zones FH-IC7020

A hybrid hob is a kitchen appliance combining different cooking technologies into a single unit. Specifically, a hybrid hob typically incorporates both induction and electric elements, offering the advantages of both cooking methods in one appliance.

As a result, users like you can enjoy the benefits of both cooking methods. Plus, this versatility allows for a broader range of cooking techniques and accommodates various cookware preferences.

Whether you prefer the speed and efficiency of induction or the versatility of ceramic, a hybrid hob provides the flexibility to cater to your specific cooking needs. Besides, it’s easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its smooth glass cooktop with a seamless design.

Features of FUJIOH’s Hybrid Hob

Compared to a traditional gas hob, the hybrid hob offers two cooking technologies, induction and ceramic. This means you gain access to extraordinary features, including using a variety of cookware from ceramic and fast boost cooking from induction. Here are some of the features of FUJIOH’s Hybrid Hob.

Hob Design

Hybrid Hob FH-IC7020 Bevelled Edge Finish

FUJIOH’s Hybrid Hob FH-IC7020 Bevelled Edge Finish

Most modern homes today are designed with an aesthetic element that complements a house’s function and design. Similarly, aesthetics are an essential consideration in kitchen appliances, and hybrid hobs are designed to impress.

They often feature sleek, modern designs with smooth surfaces and minimalistic controls. FUJIOH’s Hybrid Hob, for instance, has a Bevelled Edge Finish, which adds a touch of elegance while providing superior cooking performance.

Heating Performance

FUJIOH’s Hybrid Hob FH-IC7020 Slider Control

FUJIOH’s Hybrid Hob FH-IC7020 Slider Control

With two types of cooking technologies on one hob, you will get to experience this dual-technology hob that offers versatile heating performance. The ceramic zone ensures a gradual and even heat distribution across the cooking surface, perfect for simmering and gentle cooking. Meanwhile, the induction zone provides rapid heat induction directly to the cookware, allowing for quick and efficient frying. Thus, you are able to enjoy the flexibility to simultaneously simmer on the ceramic hob and fry on the induction zone, creating culinary masterpieces with ease.

If you need to speed up your cooking time, consider using FUJIOH’s Hybrid Hob, which has a powerful Boost Function in the induction zone and Slider Control. You can adjust between 9 different heating power levels to quickly transform your cooking game from simmering to stir-frying.

Surface Type

FUJIOH’s Hybrid Hob FH-IC7020 EuroKera Glass

FUJIOH’s Hybrid Hob FH-IC7020 Scott Ceran Ceramic Glass

While non-branded glass cooktops are often more affordable, they typically lack the thermal resistance and durability found in premium options. With FUJIOH’s Hybrid hob, you get to enjoy the extraordinary Scott Ceran© Ceramic Glass, crafted in France to withstand extremely high temperatures (> 700℃). In addition, this exceptional glass ensures excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength to handle even the heaviest cooking loads effortlessly. Plus, its seamless and durable surface design makes cleaning a breeze, adding convenience to your culinary journey.

Safety Features

Most modern induction and ceramic hobs come with various safety features to reduce the risk of injury. Likewise, the FUJIOH Hybrid Hob has safety features such as Over Temperature Protection and Foreign Body Detection.

The feature of Over Temperature Protection helps to monitor the inner hob temperature, automatically stopping the heating process once it reaches a specific temperature. Meanwhile, Foreign Body Detection puts the hob into standby mode when it detects an incompatible object on the induction hob.

Final Thoughts

Hybrid hobs offer many benefits surpassing other standalone induction hobs available in the market to cater to your household needs while enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal. Plus, these innovative hobs seamlessly incorporate the best elements of electric cooking, giving you a versatile cooking solution with no bounds.

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* FUJIOH is a corporate brand of Fuji Industrial Group.