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January 10, 2022
reasons why you should have water heater in your home

fujioh water heater fz-wh5038d

Featured product: FUJIOH Water Heater FZ-WH5038D

Back in the day, when the water was too cold for you to shower at any time of the day, you either forgo the idea of showering or heat some water on the stove and then pour it into the water bucket.

Today, you no longer have to forgo the idea of feeling fresh in the morning or evening as you can get instant hot water using a water heater. Also, you don’t have to wait for the water to boil over the gas stove. So, it’s only right to say that instant water heaters have become a necessity in every Malaysian home.

How does an instant water heater work?

The instant water heater system is simple and direct as it heats up the water directly and typically doesn’t require a water storage tank. When you turn the tap on your water supply, cold water travels through the pipe and into the heating unit. An electric element heats the water as it travels through, giving you a constant supply of hot water until you turn off the tap. You just need to adjust the temperature on the water heater’s control system if the water comes out too hot.

What are the benefits of having an instant water heater?

There are several benefits to getting an instant water heater for your home. Among them are:

1. Constant supply of hot water

Unlike the olden days whereby you have to wait for several minutes for the hot water, you can now enjoy hot water in the morning with an instant water heater. Not only that, but you also get a constant supply of hot water as the heating element inside the water heater works as long as there’s electricity and the tap is on.

2. Space-saving compact design

Instant water heaters don’t require a water storage tank as they provide hot water based on demand. Also, instant water heaters are usually available in compact designs that can easily fit into the smallest places, which makes them easy to be mounted on your bathroom wall, allowing you to save on floor space. You also get to install them in more areas of your house.

3. Long-lasting with low installation cost

Instant water heaters are designed to last longer. Also, the installation fee of instant water heaters is simple and straightforward. As such, the installation cost for instant water heaters tend to be lower. In terms of return on investment, instant water heaters are a better option as they continue to add value to your home with a longer lifespan.

4. Fresh and clean hot water

Water from a traditional water tank tends to pick up bits and pieces of rust and sediment build-up within the tank if they are not timely and frequently maintained. Instant water heater, however, has no water tank and stores no water within, giving you fresh and clean hot water. You also don’t have to worry about bacterial growth with an instant water heater.

What are the differences between an AC and DC pump?

You should know the differences between the built-in pump in your water heater that works to draw more water into the water inlet of your instant water heater to give you high-pressure water. Here are the two types of pumps:

Instant water heater with AC pump – The water pressure is significantly increased but uses more electricity than DC pump. Also, the noise level is higher when in use but the cost is lower.

Instant water heater with DC pump – The water pressure is moderately increased but uses lesser electricity than AC pump. It’s also more energy-efficient with less noise but the cost is higher.


FUJIOH Water Heater FZ-WH5038DR

Featured Product: FUJIOH Water Heater FZ-WH5038DR

If you’re looking for an instant water heater, consider getting one from FUJIOH as the FZ-WH5038DR comes in three colours (black, white, & silver) and a brushless DC silent inverter pump for you to enjoy the silent yet powerful water flow. It also features a 3-in-1 spout with 180° swivel-able diverter spout and an adjustable rain shower railing for added convenience.

Check out FUJIOH’s range of instant water heaters by getting in touch with us at FUJIOH Malaysia or email