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October 13, 2022
4 benefits of a built-in microwave oven

Featured product: FUJIOH Built-in Microwave Oven FV-MW51

A built-in microwave oven is a microwave oven that is integrated into a kitchen cabinet or below the kitchen counter. While they do indeed offer the same functions as any other microwave oven, these built-in alternatives are arranged strategically to fit into the kitchen space seamlessly. However, there’s more to this home kitchen appliance than how it appears in the kitchen area.

In this article, we explore the advantages of having a built-in microwave oven in your kitchen along with the advanced features of the FUJIOH Built-in Microwave Oven FV-MW51.

Advantages of Including a Built-in Microwave Oven

It is a given that beyond must-have home kitchen appliances like a cooker hood and induction hob, microwave ovens are extremely popular options when it comes to heating and cooking food. Revered for their ability to reheat and rapidly heat food in mere seconds, they work wonders compared to other reheating methods that often compromise the integrity of the food. But modern microwave ovens have come a long way. Freestanding microwaves aside, built-in microwaves have been making waves due to their revolutionary design which has redefined versatility since their introduction. Here are some advantages to having a built-in microwave oven in your kitchen.

1. Saves space

Built-in microwave ovens are a great space-saving solution for all kitchens, even if you live in a space-limiting apartment in Singapore where the kitchen is small. This is because the countertop, where all of the food prep work is done, is usually the most valuable area in the kitchen. And with a built-in microwave oven,  you can save counter space by taking up less room than an over-the-range or standalone model would.

2. Larger capacity with more functions

Featured product: 8 Auto Cook Menus by FUJIOH Built-in Microwave Oven FV-MW51

Compared to freestanding microwave ovens, a built-in microwave oven has a larger cavity capacity. The FUJIOH Built-in Microwave Oven FV-MW51, for instance, has a capacity of 25L, which is the standard capacity for any family size.

This built-in microwave oven also has a grill function and 8 autocook menus for foods like pizza, meat, vegetable, pasta, potato, fish, beverage, and popcorn. These will ensure that your family always has something to eat at times when you don’t feel like going through the hassle of preparing and cooking a meal.

3. Offers a great look

Having a built-in microwave oven allows you to keep your kitchen clean as you do not have to worry about the cords, plugs, or how much space it occupies in your kitchen. This will, in turn, make your kitchen appear more modern and stylish.

4. Increased safety

A built-in microwave oven also offers increased safety, even allowing your children to roam around the kitchen with ease. For instance, the FUJIOH Built-in Microwave Oven FV-MW51 comes with a child safety lock to prevent them from opening the door.

Advanced Features of FUJIOH Built-in Microwave Ovens

On top of the basic microwave function, which is to heat up food, a built-in microwave oven has a variety of features that make it a staple home kitchen appliance. However, not all built-in microwave ovens have the same features.

For example, the FUJIOH Built-in Microwave Oven FV-MW51 has the following advanced features:

Featured product: Grill Function by FUJIOH Built-in Microwave Oven FV-MW51

  • Grill function – This allows you to easily enjoy a wider variety of grilled cuisines as pre-heating isn’t necessary.
  • 8 autocook menus – Saves you the fuss of looking up the cooking time and temperature to maintain optimum food quality.
  • Electric door opening – The touch screen panel gives you easy access as the microwave oven door opens swiftly with one gentle touch.
  • Easy cleaning – The seamless cavity with a full glass and touch panel on the exterior makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

Featured products: Seamless Cavity in Built-in Microwave Oven FV-MW51

Can All Microwaves Be Built-in?

Not all microwave ovens can be built-in, which is why microwave oven manufacturers produce different models and designs for varying types of installation such as for built-in cabinets and countertop placement.

This is because the design of each type of microwave oven differs in terms of vent placement. A built-in microwave oven, for instance, will require a gap between the wall and the kitchen cabinet to ensure sufficient ventilation. Similarly, a countertop microwave oven will require sufficient countertop placement and a larger space to disperse the heat during its operation.

Having said that, it is possible to install a countertop microwave oven into your kitchen cabinet by adding a suitable trim kit. However, you will need to ensure sufficient clearance as countertop microwave ovens have their vents on the back, necessitating sufficient space for proper ventilation.

Featured products: Built-in Microwave Oven FV-MW51

So there you have it; the features and benefits of a built-in microwave oven compared to freestanding microwave ovens. Should you require more information on our built-in microwave ovens, get in touch with us at FUJIOH Singapore or email us at