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June 5, 2024
4 Inspiring Kitchen Designs Featuring FUJIOH’s Sakura Bloom Pink Series

When envisioning the perfect kitchen, the right blend of style and functionality can make all the difference. FUJIOH’s Made in Japan Sakura Bloom Pink Series cooker hoods not only provide performance but also offer a striking aesthetic touch to various kitchen designs.

FUJIOH kitchen option 1

Featured Product: FUJIOH Cooker Hood FR-CL1890 in Sakura Bloom Pink

1. Luxury Country: The FR-CL1890 Chimney Hood in this kitchen pairs elegantly with muted green cabinetry and a marble background, creating a luxurious yet rustic ambience. The pink cooker hood adds a contemporary twist, giving a fresh pop of colour that enhances the kitchen’s traditional charm with a modern edge.

Not only is the CL1890 in Sakura Bloom Pink the visual highlight in this kitchen design, it also offers performance through its stellar oil suction rate and ease of maintenance with its patented Oil Smasher Technology that captures fumes and grease.

FUJIOH kitchen option 3

Featured Product: FUJIOH Cooker Hood FR-FS2290 in Sakura Bloom Pink

2. Comfort Pastel: Here, the FR-FS2290 Slim Hood is nestled among soft pastel cabinetry in soothing peach tones. This setting is calm and inviting, with the cooker hood’s sleek design subtly complementing the gentle colours without overpowering the serene aesthetic. The kitchen feels like a peaceful retreat, ideal for creating comforting meals.

For those who appreciate a harmonious blend of elegance and practicality, the FS2290’s Double Aqua Slit Filters’ hydrophilic coating* will allow for a fuss-free clean up after your culinary expeditions.

*Only for Recycling type

FUJIOH kitchen option 4

Featured Product: FUJIOH Cooker Hood FR-SC2090 in Sakura Bloom Pink

3. Playful Scandinavian: The playful burst of navy blue cabinetry in this kitchen is perfectly offset by the FR-SC2090 Inclined Hood’s soft pink colour, which adds warmth and a hint of whimsy. This design leverages open shelving and clean lines typical of Scandinavian aesthetics, while the cooker hood acts as a statement piece that ties the vibrant and minimalist elements together.

Adding to its aesthetic appeal, this cooker hood also features a digital panel that introduces a touch of modern sophistication, making it effortless to control.

FUJIOH kitchen option 2

Featured Product: FUJIOH Cooker Hood FR-SC2090 in Sakura Bloom Pink

4. Minimalist Modern Zen: In the minimalist modern zen design, the FR-SC2290 Inclined Hood blends seamlessly with a neutral palette highlighted by sleek, modern furnishings. The pink cooker hood introduces a subtle contrast that’s both stylish and understated, emphasizing a clutter-free environment that’s perfect for a zen-like cooking experience.

For culinary enthusiasts, the ergonomic design of this hood offers a significant advantage. It can be positioned closer to your cooking surface, enhancing its effectiveness in capturing fumes and keeping your kitchen fresh.

Inspired by these diverse kitchen styles? Each kitchen style showcases the elegance and functionality of FUJIOH’s Sakura Bloom Pink Hood Series featuring the FR-CL1890 Chimney Hood, FR-FS2290 Slim Hood and the FR-SC2090 Inclined Hood.

For more information, visit the link to learn more about FUJIOH’s Cooker Hoods. Alternatively, contact us at FUJIOH Singapore or email us at