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September 6, 2022
home appliances 101: how to choose your first built-in oven

Featured product: FUJIOH Built-In Oven FV-EL63

Many of us watch cooking shows just for entertainment. But for those of you who aspire to be a gourmet home cook for your loved ones, being in awe of the appliances used in these shows is completely normal. Of all the eye-catching, well-designed, and advanced appliances used, one kitchen appliance that undoubtedly would have captured your attention would have been the built-in oven.

While this may have inspired you to get a built-in oven, you will need to choose the right one that matches your cooking and baking requirements so that it can last you a decade or more. Plus, having a well-designed built-in oven offers more style points to a kitchen that has a bigger cooking capacity.

Here’s a guide to purchasing your first built-in oven which focuses on some of the features that you should keep an eye out for while searching for the perfect built-in oven for your kitchen.

1. Size & Capacity

Featured product: FUJIOH Built-In Oven FV-EL63

When you shop for a built-in oven, you should consider the size and capacity of your new oven as these can either make or break how you use it daily. At FUJIOH, we have two oven sizes with capacities of 70L and 72L. These built-in ovens with large capacities are the ideal kitchen companion when you need to cook more than one dish or bake multiple batches of desserts at the same time, efficiently cutting down on the time needed to prepare your meals. 

2. Functions

Featured product: FUJIOH Built-In Oven FV-EL63

A built-in oven offers a myriad of functions that make cooking and baking so much easier in the kitchen. At FUJIOH, our 72L Built-In Oven with Telescopic Rails boasts 17 functions such as Double Grill, Defrost, and Slow Cooking for different heating types. This FV-EL63 built-in oven also comes with five food preparation programmes for easy access to 30 auto-cook menus, so that you can whip up a meal quickly and easily. Similarly, our other built-in oven, the 70L FV-EL61 is designed with a selected range of functions that will come in handy whenever you need them.

3. Display & Control Panel

Featured product: FUJIOH Built-In Oven FV-EL63

As with all home appliances, you’ll also need to consider how your built-in oven will contribute to the overall aesthetic and practicality of your kitchen. And this means looking into the display and control panel of the oven. At FUJIOH, our range of built-in ovens come with a colour display or LED screen display with touch control for ease of use. With a full glass design, your kitchen will always look sleek and elegant.

4. Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Featured product: FUJIOH Built-In Oven FV-EL61

The next thing you should consider is the cleaning measures because we all know that cleaning a built-in oven is no easy feat and can be time-consuming. This is why our FUJIOH’s range of built-in ovens has an enamel coating on their internal surfaces. Just like our other unique coating technologies, this enamel coating prevents grease and dirt from building up in your oven, hence making it easier for you to clean and maintain it.

5. Multi-functional Accessories

Featured product: FUJIOH Built-In Oven FV-EL63

You should also consider the accessories that come with your built-in oven. This is because purchasing them separately can be a hassle. With FUJIOH’s built-in ovens, you don’t have to go through all that hassle of finding separate pieces as the ovens include multi-functional accessories such as three different trays wire rack, deep enamel, and enamel baking tray. The FV-EL63 built-in oven also comes with two sets of fully extendable telescopic rails that keep the gliding of the tray secure and safe.

6. Additional Features

Featured product: FUJIOH Built-In Oven FV-EL63

No built-in oven is complete without the extra features. In the case of FUJIOH’s built-in ovens, we added the Child Safety Lock so that you can safely prepare your meals without worrying about your children’s safety. Our ovens like the FV-EL63 are also equipped with a meat probe, which is connected to the display for an easy check on the cooking temperature of your meat.

You don’t have to look far for an up-to-date built-in oven for your kitchen as FUJIOH offers two different models with varying features and functions. Should you require more information on our selection of built-in ovens in Singapore, get in touch with us at FUJIOH Singapore or email us at