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August 25, 2022
how a home cooker hood improves the air quality in your kitchen

Featured product: FUJIOH Oil Smasher Cooker Hood FR-CL1890

A home cooker hood is likely the least known kitchen appliance to help with indoor air quality, but it does indeed help improve the air quality in your house as it removes oil fumes and steam from the kitchen. The kitchen hood is installed at the cooking area and vents to the outside of the house with the ventilation type or recirculates clean air back to the kitchen with the recycling hood type.

There are many benefits of having a cooker hood. Not only can it reduce the unpleasant cooking smells and grease that floats in the kitchen, but it can also keep your indoor space clean and comfortable always. As such, it goes without saying that without the proper kitchen ventilation delivered by a high-quality cooker hood, the indoor air quality of your abode might be affected. 

What Are the Harmful Pollutants Emitted When Cooking?

Whether you cook daily or only on certain days of the week, you will find that your kitchen has a certain smell to it. This is due to the release of heat from your cooktop and grease build-up from your cooking. When the two combine, they can emit particles that reduce your kitchen’s air quality.

If you use a gas hob, the combustion from your daily cooking can produce nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. If not properly managed, all of these pollutants can pose health risks. However, gas cooking is not the only cause of exposure to air pollutants as the same goes for electric hobs, although at lower levels.

The ultrafine particles from your cooking can also be considered harmful pollutants since you might unknowingly inhale them, allowing them to be deposited into your lungs and absorbed into your blood. You can prevent that from happening by installing a high-quality ventilating cooker hood that provides ventilation solutions at home.

How Does a Cooker Hood Help Improve the Air Quality?

Cooker hoods are designed to reduce the smells and remove smoke from your kitchen. They can be fitted over your cooking hob to extract the vapours from your cooking. Besides, it is often used in combination with an extractor fan. There are two types of circulation for cooker hoods: recycling hood and ventilating hood.

A ventilating cooker hood requires an additional exhaust pipe to direct the smoke and vapour out of your house. This keeps your kitchen space well-ventilated and at the same time, helps to reduce hot indoor air.

Meanwhile, a recycling cooker hood absorbs the fume from your cooking, filters out the oil, and recirculates clean air back to your kitchen. Plus, this type of kitchen hood is easier to install as it requires no ducting work for the exhaust fan.

What Are the Features of a Cooker Hood That Help to Improve Air Quality?

Since cooker hoods are designed to filter the air in your kitchen, these are several must-have features that you should look out for. 

1. Patented OIL SMASHER Technology

 How OIL SMASHER technology works in FR-CL1890

Maintaining the cleanliness of the inside of the cooker hood is pivotal when it comes to prolonging its lifespan. Introducing the FUJIOH OIL SMASHER is a patented technology, which is exclusively available in the FR-CL1890 cooker hood. It uses a high-speed Oil Smasher spinning disk to capture most of the oil in the oil fumes. The oil is then spun off by the centrifugal force and is collected on the oil tray to prevent build-up.

This OIL SMASHER  technology not only boosts a high capturing ratio of up to 94% (recycling type), but also prevents too much oil and dust from entering the fan, keeping the internal parts of the cooker hood clean so that the air quality of your kitchen constantly feels cleaner and the cooker lasts for longer.

2. Super Kirei Fan

Super Kirei Fan is exclusively available in FR-SC2090 cooker hood. 

Another FUJIOH innovation, the SUPER KIREI COATING, which is one of FUJIOH’s unique coating technologies, repels oil in the hood to allow minimal oil sticking to the fan surface. This reduces the accumulation of oil and stain build-up on the fan by repelling oil from cooking fumes so that it seamlessly gets accumulated in the oil tray instead. This prolongs the lifespan of the fan and keeps the fan and internal body of the cooker hood clean for a longer time. 

3. Efficient Fume and Oil Capturing Design

Featured product: FUJIOH Cooker Hood FR-SC2090

Every FUJIOH cooker hood includes a specially designed rectifier panel and is engineered to reduce the air inlet opening. The FUJIOH FR-SC2090, for instance, boasts advanced technology in fume capturing. It comes with the  Rectifier Panel that allows adjustable suction from the bottom to improve suction power from the upper, left, and right sides. As such, the increased suction speed improves the efficiency of the fume capturing capacity. Its ergonomic inclined design also facilitates the smooth and efficient absorption of cooking fumes.

So there you have it; the benefits of installing a cooker hood in your kitchen and how specific features can do wonders in improving the indoor air quality of your home. Should you require more information on the best cooker hoods in Singapore, get in touch with us at FUJIOH Singapore or email us at