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May 15, 2023
4 tips to eat sustainably at home with your combi oven

FUJIOH FV-ML71 Built-in Combi Steam Oven

Featured product: FUJIOH FV-ML71 Built-in Combi Steam Oven

If there’s one joy that we can all relate to, it’s the joy of eating home-cooked food. The aroma and deliciousness of meals freshly prepared at home give us a sense of comfort and happiness.

As the cost of living rises, many resort to various ways to cope with the issue. This includes changing their diet, such as eating more plant-based foods, cooking in bulk, and reducing oil consumption and food waste. All of this allows them to eat sustainably at home without spending more.

While it’s possible to eat sustainably this way, you can expect nothing less from a combi oven that allows you to cook anything your heart desires with lesser food waste. Here’s how you can eat sustainably at home with a combi oven.

How to Eat More Sustainably at Home with a Combi Oven

Eating sustainably at home does not mean reducing dietary intake. It simply means substituting certain food items with different types to see if they work. And if they did, you’re contributing to reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. Here’s how:

Cook Sustainably

Cooking every part of your ingredients is one way to eat sustainably at home. Besides, you’re adding a variety of choices and flavours to your diet, as there are many ways you can cook your ingredients with a combi oven.

For instance, you can use the combi oven to roast the pumpkin seeds for your afternoon snack, whereas the pumpkin gut can be pureed for cooking soups. Meanwhile, the pumpkin flesh can be baked with cheese as one of your main dishes. This helps reduce food waste and promotes sustainable eating.

Cook In Bulk

If you have a big family, you may need a larger or more versatile kitchen appliance to cook larger portions. A combi oven is an excellent option because it can cook a wide range of dishes, including roasts and baked goods, eliminating the need for multiple appliances. Moreover, cooking in larger batches with a combi oven can save energy and reduce the environmental impact. It takes less energy to cook more food at once than to cook smaller batches multiple times.

Reduce Oil Consumption

Having the same dish for days can sometimes make you lose your appetite. Instead of relying on the same recipes and ingredients, you should expand your horizons and explore different tastes by using a combi oven without adding any oil or fat.

For example, instead of having fried chicken for dinner, why not make a honey-roast chicken with your combi oven for a flavourful evening? You get to use less oil while maintaining the nutrition of the meat. This can help to reduce your environmental impact while promoting your health.

Go Easy on the Food Waste

Did you know about 3,000 tons of edible food are thrown away daily in Malaysia? According to The Lost Food Project, a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing ‘lost’ food, they prevent an average of 10 tons of food from going to the landfill every week.

Instead of throwing out your food, you can use your combi oven to reheat leftovers or transform them into new dishes, which can help to reduce food waste and save time in the kitchen.

Cook Your Food Using a Combi Oven

Multifunctional Steam & Grill Function

Featured product: FUJIOH FV-ML71 Multifunctional Steam & Grill Function

Unlike other conventional ovens, a combi steam oven offers versatile cooking methods, allowing you to master a variety of dishes easily. With the oven’s 45L capacity, you’ll be the MasterChef in your kitchen, as it’s equipped with a multifunctional steam and grill that makes it easy for you to steam, bake, roast, grill and more.

Furthermore, its black glass panel and sleek handle can blend seamlessly with various kitchen elements, bringing out the best features and design ideas in your kitchen. You also get to enjoy 32 intelligent auto-cook menus and 10 cooking functions with one quick touch on a touch control panel that comes with a colour display and clear icons.

Not only is this combi oven easy to operate, but it’s also dependable and easy on the eyes. The cavity is designed with highly durable stainless steel (SUS304), integrally moulded and sealed with laser welding to provide a beautiful finish. It’s the ideal combination of form and function.

Safety is paramount in any of FUJIOH’s kitchen appliances, so you should expect nothing less from its combi steam oven. It has a child lock function with a three-layer glass structure that effectively separates high temperatures of steam from the oven door. Plus, you can remove the door for hassle-free maintenance.

Looking for a high-quality built-in combi steam oven? Visit FUJIOH Malaysia today!

You need not switch your diet to eat sustainably; you simply need to add variety and be mindful of what you eat. With FUJIOH’s combi steam oven, you can practice a more sustainable cooking style. If you require more information on our ovens, visit our website or email