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January 20, 2023
5 reasons you should get a slim hood for your kitchen

The Right Kitchen Hood and Hob


The kitchen is likely the busiest room in your house, especially if you need to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While having three meals a day is ideal, it can produce plenty of unwanted smoke, smells, or grease surrounding your kitchen area.

It is therefore important to install a cooker hood in your kitchen to improve the air quality by removing odour, smoke, grease, and other pollutants released into the air while you’re cooking.

There are several benefits of installing a cooker hood in your kitchen, including better ventilation and increased home value. And if you’re an avid cook, you get to enjoy an improved cooking environment. But in terms of design and function, would the slim hood work as well, perhaps even better?

If you’re wondering which cooker hood to get for your kitchen, this article explores the five reasons you should choose a slim hood over other types of cooker hoods available on the market.

1. Slim Hood Design

When compared to chimney and slanted cooker hoods, the slim hood design is less bulky to look at. Plus, because of their compact design, it creates a modern and minimalistic design concept for your kitchen.

2. Space-Saving Solution

Different from chimney and slanted cooker hoods, a slim cooker hood doesn’t take up too much space as it can be installed underneath an existing cabinet as a space-saving solution. It is also highly recommended for a small kitchen.

3. Easy to Clean

The slim hood design makes it easy to clean as the body is much smaller than a chimney and inclined cooker hood. Plus, FUJIOH cooker hood came with oil repellent coating at the exterior body makes it easy for you to wipe off the surface after every use.

4. Cost-Effective Alternative

The pricing for slim cooker hoods are usually lower than chimney and slanted cooker hoods. Hence, they are suitable for new homeowners, who want a cost-effective alternative to improving the kitchen’s air quality.

5. Increases Property Value

In the real estate market, modern stylish properties with updated kitchen appliances, such as a slim hood, can generally win the hearts of aspiring property buyers. Plus, it adds to the functional decorative trait of the house, increasing the property’s value.

Cleaning your Kitchen Hood and Hybrid Hob

FUJIOH Made-in-Japan 890MM Slim Cooker Hood FR-FS2290

Recommended Slim Cooker Hood by FUJIOH Malaysia

Given the plethora of slim cooker hoods on the market, here’s a recommendation to ease your search.

FUJIOH 900MM Super Slim Cooker Hood FR-MS2390

FUJIOH 900MM Super Slim Cooker Hood FR-MS2390

The FUJIOH FR-MS2390 is ultra slim and has a sleek design that not only beautifies and creates a posh look for your kitchen, but also adds value with its 3-speed setting and timer function. It has a glossy glass panel with gesture control that enables quick and smooth operation. 


Fujioh Hood_FS2290_Texture Black Colour

FUJIOH Made-in-Japan 890MM Slim Cooker Hood FR-FS2290


The FUJIOH FR-FS2290 is a slim cooker hood that is fully made in Japan. Its minimal design is deceptively tough on oil as the exterior body is coated with Oil Repellent Paint for easy cleaning. It has a 3-speed setting and is equipped with advanced fume and oil capturing technologies to ensure efficient ventilation.

Fujioh Hood_FS2290_Improve Structural Design

FUJIOH Cooker Hood FR-FS2290 with Improve Structural Design

With either of these cooker hoods, your kitchen will not only look good but also functions to enhance your cooking experience. Both are equipped with an Aqua Slit Filter, with the filter surface having a hydrophilic coating, making it easy for you to clean with water. Even if it’s greasy, you can remove the oil easily when the filter comes into contact with water.

Looking for a slim cooker hood in Malaysia? FUJIOH Malaysia got you covered!

So there you have it; five reasons to get a slim hood for your kitchen. If you require more information on cooker hoods, contact us at FUJIOH Malaysia or email