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March 13, 2023
3 best fujioh kitchen hood and hob sets for your home

FUJIOH Cooker Hood FR-SC2090

Featured product: FUJIOH Cooker Hood FR-SC2090 and Hybrid Hob FH-IC7020

Creating a kitchen suitable for your home can be some of the most challenging tasks, especially when it involves a range of kitchen appliances like the cooker hood and hob. Plus, you’ll want your kitchen to have the essential appliances to make cooking a breeze.

If you’re looking to put together some of the best kitchen hood and hob sets for your home from FUJIOH’s range of kitchen appliances, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best FUJIOH kitchen hood and hob sets in Malaysia.

Top 3 FUJIOH Kitchen Hood

FUJIOH Inclined Cooker Hood FR-SC2090

FUJIOH Inclined Cooker Hood FR-SC2090

The FR-SC2090 cooker hood is immaculate outside with an ergonomic inclined design and an easy cleaning feature that ensures your cooker hood remains clean, both outside and inside. Available in four colours, this cooker hood is equipped with a Super Kirei Fan that prevents oil and stain from building up on the fan, keeping the fan and internal body clean for longer. Meanwhile, the Oil Repellent paint is coated on the exterior hood surface for an easy wipe and clean.

With FUJIOH’s advanced technology in oil capturing, it provides a high oil capturing ratio of up to 92% with the help of a Rectifier Panel for efficient fume absorption from the upper, left, and right sides, ensuring that the hood captures the fumes more efficiently. Meanwhile, with the advanced separation technology in oil capturing, you can expect the oil from the cooking fume filtrate and direct flow into the oil tray.

FUJIOH Chimney Cooker Hood FR-ST2190

FUJIOH Chimney Cooker Hood FR-ST2190

The FR-ST2190 cooker hood offers excellent ventilation power, making it perfect for those with an open kitchen and those who enjoy cooking daily. This fully made-in-Japan cooker hood also removes fumes from the kitchen and comes in three different colours to suit any interior.

With an enhanced airflow and fume suction, this cooker hood has three speeds and boost modes to ensure optimum functionality. It is also equipped with superior technology elements such as Auto Fan Clean and Super Kirei Coating for fan durability and cleanliness. Meanwhile, the fan guard and external body coated with Oil Repellent Coating can be easily wiped off.

FUJIOH Slim Cooker Hood FR-FS2290

FUJIOH Slim Cooker Hood FR-FS1890

The FR-FS2290 is a slim under-cabinet cooker hood that big in performance. Designed especially for the Asian kitchen, this cooker hood is only 180mm high, making it easy to install in small spaces. Plus, it captures your cooking fumes and filters the oil into the oil tray for easy removal and cleaning.

FUJIOH’s advanced fume-capturing technology ensures that the kitchen hood captures the fumes more efficiently. This hood is easy to maintain from the inside out, Coated with an Oil-Repellent Paint, the exterior body is easy to clean, whereas the Aqua Slit filter with Hydrophilic Coating can be easily detached by hand and cleaned with water.

Top 3 FUJIOH Kitchen Hob

FUJIOH Gas Hob with 1 Double Inner Flame Burner FH-GS7030

FUJIOH Gas Hob with 1 Double Inner Flame Burner FH-GS7030

The FH-GS7030 gas hob allows you to bid farewell to uneven cooking. The advanced feature of a Double Inner Flame ensures even heat distribution to speed up your cooking time which is suitable for Asian cooking styles such as stir-frying and searing meat. At the same time, this minimises the amount of gas used for cooking.

With Flame Failure Safety Device, Heat Deflector, and Auto Ignition, this gas hob offers the best of both worlds in terms of safety and quality. Should there be a crack in the glass hob, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty on the toughened glass.

FUJIOH Gas Hob with 2 Different Burner Size FH-GS6530

FUJIOH Gas Hob with 2 Different Burner Size

The FH-GS6530 gas hob makes cooking a breeze. With up to three burners placed at optimal positions and black matte enamelled coating pan support, this gas hob is practical for whipping up multiple dishes in one go.

As this gas hob is designed with safety in mind, you can expect a longer life span as it features rust-resistant venturi and a safety valve. It also comes with a Flame Failure Safety Device to prevent accidental fires.

FUJIOH Hybrid Hob FH-IC7020

FUJIOH Hybrid Hob

The FH-IC7020 hybrid hob is one of a kind, allowing you to transform your kitchen into a food haven with induction and ceramic cooktops at your fingertips. With touch control and 9 setting power levels setting, you get the best of both worlds within your budget.

Fitted on SCHOTT CERAN ceramic glass with a bevelled edge, this 2-in-1 hob enhances the design style of your kitchen while ensuring that cleaning is a breeze after every use. It also features a Timer, Child Safety Lock, Auto Switch Off, and Residual Heat Indicator.

Why should you opt for a combination of kitchen hood and hob set?

This is a common question that many people ask before making their purchases. Regardless, it all depends on your cooking style, kitchen size, and budget. Plus, opting for a combination of kitchen hood and hob set allows you to mix and match the different styles to create a kitchen that’s uniquely yours.

Looking for a suitable kitchen hood and hob set for your home? Visit FUJIOH Malaysia today!

Producing over 900,000 units of cooker hoods annually, FUJIOH holds the No. 1* household market share in Japan, despite being in the industry for 80 years. If you’re looking for a kitchen hood and hob, consider FUJIOH’s range of kitchen appliances. For more information, contact us at FUJIOH Malaysia or email

*Fuji Industrial Group has the No. 1 household cooker hood market share in Japan. (April 2021 research by Tokyo Shoko Research, including ODM products)
* FUJIOH is a corporate brand of Fuji Industrial Group.