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January 6, 2023
how to pair your kitchen hood and hob in a small space

Kitchen Hood and Hob in a Small Space

FUJIOH 900MM Chimney Cooker Hood FR-HT2190 with Glass Panel

When you are trying to design your kitchen, the amount of space you can work with is often at a premium or limited in size. This can make finding a spot for your cooker hob and hood challenging.

At the same time, you have so many cooker hoods and hob models to choose from, each with varying features and technical specifications, making it more challenging to know which type is right for your small kitchen. Here are some tips and tricks to pair your cooker hood and hob in a small space.

Tips for Pairing Kitchen Hood and Hob

Tip 1: Consider Your Kitchen Design

Installing the cooker hood and hob in your small kitchen space can be challenging, especially if you’re unsure of their placement. A standard solution is to install the hob and hood on one side of your kitchen to ensure direct absorption of grease and odour while you’re cooking.

Meanwhile, consider discussing with your interior designer for the best kitchen design and layout before performing any ducting/piping works. Choose a suitable hood shape that fit best into the available space and whether it’s a good match with your kitchen design concept. Then, get advice from the contractor whether they can cover up the exposed exhaust hose by running the ducting through the cabinets.

Tip 2: Consider Your Lifestyle

Cooking in a small kitchen can be challenging if you’re an avid cook. However, it shouldn’t faze you as much as your choice in a trustworthy cooker hood and hob. An induction hob is your best option for a space-saving kitchen as it uses electricity to generate heat without any flames. Depending on your usage, you may select a hob that comes with 2 or 3 burners.

If you have young children who often pop up in the kitchen while you’re cooking, you will need a cooking hob with child safety features to prevent unwanted accidents. If they insist on staying with you in the kitchen, the right cooker hood should operate at low sound level, allowing you to enjoy the activity with your loved ones.

Tip 3: Consider Your Budget

Designing your dream kitchen doesn’t come easy, especially when purchasing major kitchen appliances, like the cooker hood and hob, as these can be expensive sometimes. Besides, the best choice isn’t always the cheapest.

When buying your cooker hob and hood, compare the appliances’ quality and function with the price. You also have to consider your future expenses once these appliances are installed. With FUJIOH cooker hood, you get efficient suction power, oil separating and capturing technology with unique coating that makes it easy to maintain in the long run.

Which Cooker Hood is Right for Small Kitchens?

Given the plethora of cooker hoods available on the market, choosing the right one for your small kitchen can be daunting. This is where our guide on Choosing the Best Cooker Hood for Your Kitchen comes in. It’s undoubtedly handy in times like this.

There are six aspects to consider when choosing your kitchen hood: the type of cooker hood circulation, its width, required installation height, features, maintenance, and the design of the cooker hood.

FUJIOH Made-in-Japan 890MM Slim Cooker Hood FR-FS2290

FUJIOH Made-in-Japan 890MM Slim Cooker Hood FR-FS2290

FUJIOH 900MM Super Slim Cooker Hood FR-MS2390

FUJIOH 900MM Super Slim Cooker Hood FR-MS2390

For small kitchens, we have two recommendations: FUJIOH 890mm Slim Cooker Hood FR-FS2290 and FUJIOH 900mm Super Slim Cooker Hood FR-MS2390. These two models are generally slim in size and suitable to be installed underneath an existing cabinet as a space-saving solution. Plus, they come with Aqua Slit Filter with Hydrophilic Coating that is easy to clean.

FUJIOH Aqua Slit filter with Hydrophilic Coating that repels oil sticking

FUJIOH Aqua Slit filter with Hydrophilic Coating that repels oil sticking

Their minimalist sleek design beautifies and creates a classy look for your kitchen and adds value with its functionality and features to enhance your pre- and post-cooking experience, allowing you to be the chef of your dream kitchen.

Looking for a cooker hood for small kitchens? FUJIOH Malaysia got you covered!

If you’re looking for a cooker hood that fits your small kitchen in Malaysia, consider FUJIOH cooker hoods. For more information, contact us at FUJIOH Malaysia or email