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For a modern household, simplicity and efficiency are the top priorities when searching for an addition to their home. These households must find items that seamlessly integrate functionality and style while remaining efficient, which can be a challenge for kitchens. If that resonates with you, one easy way to integrate modernity into your kitchen is […]

July 19, 2024

Featured product: FUJIOH Instant Water Heater FZ-WH5038DR We all love our hot showers, and whether it’s the storage or instant type, the majority of Malaysians prefer the instant water heater as it is cost-effective, easy to install, and dependable all at once. There are two resources involved when using an instant water heater – electricity […]

July 18, 2022

Featured product: FUJIOH Built-in Microwave Oven FV-MW51 A built-in microwave is a microwave that is integrated into a kitchen cabinet or below the kitchen counter. It offers the same functions as any other microwave, just arranged in a way that fits into the kitchen seamlessly. But, there’s more to it than just the appearances. In […]

June 10, 2022

Choosing the right appliances to create the perfect kitchen can be rather daunting and it’s something that you definitely have to plan carefully. After all, you’ll want the heart of your home to have the essential appliances that fit your lifestyle or your home. Plus, if you love to cook or experiment with new recipes, […]

June 8, 2022

Featured product: FUJIOH Hybrid Hob FH-IC6020 Induction hobs are perfect for the minimalists who want a quick meal and easy clean-up. But it has certain limitations whereby you can only use certain cookware to cook on it. If you find yourself torn between ceramic and induction hobs, why not choose a two-in-one hybrid hob? In […]

June 1, 2022

Featured Product: FUJIOH Cooker Hood FR-CL1890 Cooker hoods have been a necessity in kitchens, and it helps remove excess smoke, steam, and grease produced from cooking. By doing so, cooker hoods themselves will get greasy in time, a fact that cannot be avoided. Because of this, cooker hoods may seem tricky to clean. But there […]

May 13, 2022

Featured Product: FUJIOH Cooker Hood FR-ST2190 & Hybrid Hob FH-IC7020 If you’re considering an induction hob for your kitchen, you may be wondering if a hood is even necessary to add on to your kitchen. As induction cooking mainly uses electric currents generated from magnetic induction to heat cookware directly, this means the method of […]

April 29, 2022