Instant water heaters by FUJIOH Singapore are manufactured to enable personal control of the shower temperature with a turn of a knob, allowing you to beat the unbearable climate swings. With our new rain shower model, you can experience a new degree of comfort that rejuvenates you after a long day out. Your shower experience will never be the same.

Choosing the Right Instant Water Heaters for Your Home

FUJIOH Singapore's instant water heaters are specially designed to adapt to any bathroom type and thus offer different installation options to suit your household needs. Thanks to our electric water heating technology, you can now enjoy warm and hot water in no time at all. The perfect heating solution for your home or office alike, our water heaters come with a 90° stop valve with a built-in filter to ensure a higher water flow rate as well as stepless power control, so you can enjoy your bath or shower at any temperature.

Benefits of Instant Water Heaters

There are many benefits of an instant water heater that you can experience when you buy one. Also known as tankless or electric water heaters, instant water heaters offer amazing features and benefits that make them the preferred option in many Singaporean households, offices, or commercial spaces. Here are a few of the benefits and advantages that you should know before purchasing one for your home.

1. Configurable Design

All for experiencing the invigorating feel of rainfall? FUJIOH instant water heaters such as the FZ-WH5033DR and FZ-WH5033NR deliver just that and more with their top-notch configurable design. Providing an even and full-coverage rainfall-like shower with its Adjustable Rain Shower Height that can be extended by up to a foot, the convenience offered by the 3-in-1 180° Swivel Diverter Spout only adds to its ability to deliver a blissful shower experience. Moreover, all of our instant electric water heaters have a 5-year warranty for heating elements and a 1-year warranty for other parts, so you can enjoy your hot water without any worries. Find out more about our warranty terms and conditions.

2. Rapid and Energy-Efficient Hot Water Supply

When you install an instant water heater in your home, you can enjoy a consistent and instant hot water supply at any time as the water gets heated as and when it's needed with no energy wasted. Instant electric water heaters offer greater energy efficiency and space-saving benefits for households in Singapore, making them a more cost-efficient choice for your home overall.

3. Compact Size

FUJIOH Singapore's range of instant water heaters, available in either matt black or glossy white, is designed to enhance the look of your urban bathing space, with a sleek and modern design. Also, these instant water heaters do not require bulky tanks, so they occupy less space in your home or office.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Instant Water Heaters

1. Are electric instant hot water heaters worth it?

Instant hot water heaters can be totally worth it, however it depends on your specific needs and circumstances. The main advantage of instant electric water heaters is you can have instant hot water as and when you need it. This saves time and makes them more energy-efficient and can result in cost savings on your energy bills. FUJIOH instant water heaters also come in a compact size that makes them a good option for small homes or flats. If your household is looking to better manage your energy savings or you live in a smaller-sized flat or apartment, an instant hot water heater might be the practical choice for you.

2. How effective is an instant water heater?

An instant water heater is an effective solution for providing a hot water supply on demand and instantly without having to wait. If you do not want to heat and store large volumes of hot water, which is possible through our storage water heaters, you can try our instant water heaters instead. They only heat the amount of water that is used at any given point in time. This makes them useful for busy households or in instances where a quick source of hot water might be required, such as the early morning rush to get ready for work or school.

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