FUJIOH Singapore’s parent company Fuji Industrial Co., Ltd started manufacturing cooker hoods in 1973. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most trusted appliances today. These kitchen cooker hoods are made with patented Japanese technologies that simplify the way you cook and clean in the kitchen. They’re available in Singapore through our dealers. Explore the product range and find the most suitable cooker hoods for your everyday cooking needs.

Choosing the Right Cooker Hood for Your Kitchen

Kitchen hoods are a quick and easy way to get rid of cooking odours and grease. But not all cooker hoods work the same way. It’s important for you to choose the right appliance based on your everyday cooking activities and the size of your kitchen. If you want to maintain a traditional kitchen look and have space for it, install a chimney cooker hood above your stove. Smaller kitchen or lower ceiling? You may opt for a slim or inclined alternative that does the job without taking up too much space.

Benefits of Kitchen Cooker Hoods

1. Improves Air Quality

A kitchen cooker hood can improve air quality in your kitchen while cooking by redirecting hot, stuffy, and oily air out of the room with a ventilating type, or circulating filtered air with a recycling type. While a ceiling fan may be able to circulate air, it is not capable of purging smoke or odours compared to a kitchen hood. Our FUJIOH Singapore cooker hoods effectively remove smoke, grease and other pollutants released into the air so you can have a comfortable cooking experience.

2. Reduced Kitchen Odour

Cooking for your loved ones can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also cause food odours to remain in the kitchen after the cooking is done. Incorporating a FUJIOH cooker hood into your Singaporean kitchen can help to minimise the odours from cooking by filtering oil fumes in the kitchen, so you can look forward to delicious meals without lingering smells.

3. Easy To Clean Up

Cooking, especially the process of frying, be it on your gas hob or induction hob, can leave you with grease buildup that is hard to clean up. Using a FUJIOH cooker hood for your kitchen in Singapore can dramatically cut down on the amount of time needed to wipe everything down by filtering greasy buildup away from your kitchen surfaces. At the same time, cleaning a hood that has an oil-repellent paint coating and a specially coated filter has never been easier.

4. Elevated Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to its functional benefits, a cooker hood can significantly elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. With sleek and stylish designs, cooker hoods are not just practical appliances but also stunning focal points that enhance the visual appeal of your culinary space. FUJIOH understands that colour is key and offers sleek and functional cooker hoods that enhance your kitchen's look. With exquisite designs that come in different colour variations and advanced features, elevate your culinary space with elegance and superior performance.

Is a Kitchen Hood Necessary in Singapore?

A kitchen hood serves an important function in removing smoke, steam, and other pollutants that are generated during cooking. Without a kitchen hood, these pollutants can accumulate in the kitchen, leading to unpleasant odours and reduced air quality. In addition, the accumulation of pollutants can also lead to the growth of mould and mildew, which can be harmful to health. Additionally, a kitchen hood can also help to improve the overall cleanliness of a kitchen. When grease and oil particles are released during cooking, they can settle on surfaces such as countertops and appliances, making them sticky and difficult to clean. A kitchen cooker hood helps to capture these particles before they have a chance to settle, reducing the amount of cleaning required and making it easier to maintain a hygienic kitchen environment. Get in touch with us today for inquiries about our kitchen hoods or other kitchen appliances available in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Hoods

1. Is having a kitchen hood important?

Yes, a hood is important for the kitchen. Beyond the fact that it can help remove smoke and cooking odours from the kitchen, a hood is an essential part of a kitchen as it helps to improve indoor air quality and prevents the accumulation of grease and moisture on walls, ceilings, and appliances. Additionally, a hood can also enhance the overall aesthetics of the kitchen by adding a stylish and modern look.

2. Does a kitchen hood reduce heat?

It does not directly reduce heat, but it can remove excess heat generated by cooking more efficiently. With the use of advanced fume capturing capacities, kitchen hoods can also facilitate the smooth and efficient absorption of cooking fumes. Additionally, modern kitchen hood designs integrate technology, such as unique coating technologies that repel oil in the hood to allow minimal oil to stick to the fan surface, prolonging the lifespan of the fan and keeping the cooker hood clean for a longer time, and offering easy maintenance of the hoods.

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